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Dornink News DSM - May June 2017 - Beginings 05/01/2017
story by Sophia Ahmed
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Dornink News FIFA World Cup Beach Soccer 02/10/2017
Official Draw for World Cup Beach Soccer
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Dornink News Heartland Wedding Ideas - Dreaming of your Mother's Dress 01/26/2017
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Dornink News The Iowan - Iowa Couture 11/01/2016
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Dornink News Living Details 11/01/2016
Winter 2016
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Dornink News DSM - November December 2016 11/01/2016
weddings issue - photography: Ben Easter
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Dornink News Yahoo News - On the eve of the caucuses - a political catwalk 02/01/2016
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Dornink News Des Moines Register - Getting Ready for Political Fashion Show 01/21/2016
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Dornink News Give a Damn DSM - Political Fashion Show 01/10/2016
Dornink News Iowa Originals - Getting Hitched Series 10/01/2015

Dornink News DSM - September October 2015 09/01/2015
DSM Magazine 
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Dornink News Ever After 2015 01/20/2015
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Dornink News River City Art & Music 09/13/2014
Art Meets Fashion display organized by Des Moines Art Center
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Dornink News IMDB 05/20/2014
IMDB listing  image
Dornink News State of Bacon the Movie 05/17/2014
Feature Length Film: State of Bacon featuring the Bacon Dress  image
Dornink News Farmland Bacon Club 05/01/2014
recreation of the bacon dress for Farmland Bacon worked with Carrie Keagan and the Brothers Riedell
Dornink News Juice Bridal Guide 2014 02/12/2014
Juice Magazine's Annual Bridal Guide  Full Story
Dornink News Des Moines Register Iowa Life 12/29/2013
A Year in Review:  Full Story
Dornink News Bubble Ball Charms Donors - Event includes items autographed by pop star Katy Perry 04/24/2013
"More than 400 people enjoyed a night of all things bubbly April 6 as ChildServe hosted its third annual Bubble Ball gala event supporting the organization...  An added surprise to the evening was a bubble wrap snake charmer dress and hat that went down the runway, created by local designer Sarah Dornink for pop singer Katy Perry. The hat and two 8x10-inch headshot photos were autographed by Perry. The items, in addition to the bubble wrap dress and a large photo print of Perry wearing the hat, were auctioned and brought in $1,800"  Full story

Dornink News Juice - Bridal Guide 02/12/2013
Des Moines Registers Juice highlights Dornink apparel and jewlery.  Full story
Dornink News CNN Anderson Cooper - Bacon Fest dress 02/09/2013
CNN highlights Blue Ribbon's Annual Bacon Fest - Dornink creates custom Bacon Dress for the Bacon Queen.  Full story
Dornink News Juice - Perfect Weddings - Wedding Guide 02/15/2012
"It's all about the dress. This year its all about excess.  Chic excess.  The focus isn't so much on the size of the's all in the details,..."  Full Story
Dornink News Inside Weddings - Discoveries 06/01/2011
Designed by You - Dornink Design Studio  Full story

Dornink News The Power of the Dress 05/20/2011
Des Moines Register : Iowa Life Full Story
Dornink News DSM - rsvp intro 05/01/2011
DSM Magazine highlights the bubble ball gown for intro to rsvp pages Full story
Dornink News Couturier Designs Elegant Custom Dresses 02/18/2011
Juice Magazine Boutique Spotlight Full story
Dornink News Your Day, Your Way 01/27/2010
Juice Wedding Guide Full story
Dornink News DSM Bridal Guide 02/01/2009
DSM magazine February - April 2009

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Dornink News Iowa First Lady wears Dornink gown to Inaugural Ball 01/13/2009

Des Moines Register.  The First Lady of Iowa, Christie Vilsack, wore a Dornink gown to the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.  Full story.

Dornink News Making it work in DM 06/01/2008

DM Register Juice. Full story.

Dornink News DSM profiles Sarah Dornink 05/01/2008

DSM.  DSM profiled designer Sarah Dornink.  Full story.

Dornink News Dornink gown featured on cover of bridal magazine 01/01/2008
Cityview Winter 2008 Bridal Guide. Dornink was proud to be featured on the cover of the Winter Bridal Guide. Full Story
Dornink News Designers decked out for runways 04/10/2007
Des Moines Register.  Dornink was featured in the article.  Full story
Dornink News Sarah Dornink's wedding featured in juice wedding issue 01/01/2007
DM Juice.  Juice featured Sarah Dornink's wedding in their wedding issue, complete with a picture of Sarah's Dornink dress.  Full story
Dornink News Juice features Sarah Dornink as "The Dress Doctor" 08/01/2006

DM Juice.  Juice featured Dornink designer Sarah Dornink in it's Fall Fashion issue as "The Dress Doctor." Full Story

Dornink News Dress her up as only custom-made can do 11/01/2005
DSM magazine November 05-January 06 Full story

Dornink News Dornink flower girl dress featured on DSM cover 02/01/2005

DSM. A Dornink flower girl dress was featured on the cover of the magazine.  Full story.

Dornink News Mother/daughter team put design on formal fashion line 11/16/2004

Des Moines Register.  "Sarah has always been inspired by lines," Faythe said.  "I've always been inspired by fabrics."  Full story.

Dornink News Dorninks debut first clothing line in business launch 11/01/2004

The Des Moines Business Record.  "Unique lines, beautiful fabrics, and attention to detail all came together..."  Full story.

Dornink News Iowa's Wedding of the Century 06/01/2004

Victoria Magazine.  "Faythe Dornink, the talented couture seamstress who created the wedding gown, could only see the back from blowups of Beulah's wedding photo..."  Full story.

Dornink News Something old becomes something new 05/24/1999

Des Moines Register.  "Dressmaker Faythe Dornink, who re-created the historic Hubbell wedding gown, shows the intricate beaded detailing to Iowa's first lady."  Full story.